by: Naoki Sakai

A calm and warm overcast day at Southern Beach.  Little to no wind makes for another nice day here at Y’s Road Chigasaki!  We have a couple of new products in.  Pirelli P Zero Velo 700×25 tires.  In special colors! A goldish/yellow ‘Colour Edition’  and a light brown with reddish tinge ‘Classic’.  A bit difficult to describe and photograph in true tone, but they look awesome and boast pure performance!!










The P Zero’s, 700x25C, are derived directly from F-1 technology as seen each week on the Grand Prix circuit.  These are tested and true great tires for bicycle rides.  They’re smooth, fast and responsive, and ideal for all around rides and top end performance.  Its stylish and sleek look is a bonus, and the name Pirelli sings greatness with comfort, grip and safety of puncture and rolling resistance. I love my original Velo’s, they’re awesome tires, both looks and function, and highly recommended.













 They’re priced at 8000 yen +TAX.  We are open to 19:00 and will be glad to help you find any bicycles or products you are looking for, in addition to full service repair for all your needs.  Come check out the Pirelli’s!! 🙂