by: Naoki Sakai

The Pinarello Paris Disk 105 is 2021‘s new model for Pinarello, based around the Gan K, it is positioned in the Pinarello line as an endurance bicycle, but has taken cues from its race model leader, the F12.  It simply has elite lines and curves giving Paris a special place in the dogma of awesome bikes.  This bike just looks too cool for school!! 😀











It includes Onda forks and seat stays.  Aerodynamics and further exaggerated geometry of Pinarello’s asymmetrical designs, it is of Dogma DNA packaged for a stable, comfortable and affordable ride. The Paris’, at 339000 yen +TAX, is an elite bicycle in a high cost performance set of wheels.











It is made of a unidirectional T600 Toray carbon fiber, giving it a high grade frame at a budget friendly cost.  It has a tire clearance rated at 30 mm, conservatively.  The geometry shows slightly less aggressive stacks as an endurance model, but it’s quite racy.  The size of this silver beauty is a 53.  We have a red 51.5, as well.









With full Shimano 105 drive train and disk brakes, the Paris is ready for long rides, as well as fast one’s. See it Y’s Road Chigasaki, today!  We’re open till 19:00.