Chigasaki Style: De Rosa Age Frame set!
by: Naoki Sakai

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!!  Wow, I came to work, today and found out we had an influx of De Rosa frame sets.  New SK Pininfarina, Idol and my favorite, the steel Age.


De Rosa’s lineup of excellent bicycles and frame sets are quite legendary with the heart logo signifying what the company holds for everyone and its bicycles, a labor of love.


I am a bit bias toward the Age, because my first road bicycle was a frame set of which I then chose the components, wheels, tires, etc., to enjoy the composition of a total De Rosa Age.  I love my silver Age! 


Many today, believe steel is passe or out of date.  However, a much more accurate description would be elegant, with modern performance that will not only impress the purist, but be appreciated by anyone who has grown up on carbon bicycles. 


A carbon riding bicyclist might think, why would anyone want to ride a steel bicycle, they’re heavier!  Think comfort.  And performance. And looks. If one believes carbon is state of the art, and steel is old hat, one would be a bit wrong, because De Rosa makes the highest quality steel frames from master builders, still manufacturing them in Italy. They use modern fillet brazing technique to unite the tubes, which  is one of the hardest skills to attain in frame building, creating a smooth, ultra strong transition, with no lugs.  


Simply, the areas where one thinks huge welds should be, no longer exist, and instead has a beautiful look(they’re gold on my Age!), and it is a craftsman expert touch one can feel on the roads.  This is a classic racing frame, from the days of Eddie Merckx.  There’s no need to over think with too much modern tech, this bicycle will ride beautifully and look amazing, as well. 


The De Rosa Age frame available is a size 52.  It’s a beautiful frame, champagne glossy color with white accents.  This one won’t last long with enthusiasts like myself who love how brilliant and elegant a De Rosa Age is!  Please come in during the holiday season, to Y’s Road Chigasaki.