Chigasaki Style: Lezyne Direct X-Lock Mount system
by: Naoki Sakai

Merry Christmas!  I’ve recently bought a Go Pro Hero 7(which we do not sell), and a mount from Go Pro for bicycle handle bars, but to my chagrin, I found out the thickness of my Giant Advanced Pro bar was bigger than the mount, so, I couldn’t mount the Go Pro.  I came to Y’s Road Chigasaki and found a mount system, the Lezyne Direct X-Lock Mount, which adapts to Go Pro connectivity.  Saved!


I previously owned a Lezyne Super GPS computer and a Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL.  The Super GPS was mounted to a Lezyne Forward Bar Mount, while the 800XL was strapped on by its very thick rubber band system.  The 800XL is a powerful head lamp, incredibly good in the dark streets of winter, but it is a bit difficult to take off, with the stiff rubber band that barely reached around my handle bars.



The Lezyne Direct X-Lock Mount system is a multi functional, double mount that was exactly what I needed, as it allowed for Go Pro connectivity and the 800XL attachment, as they are screw mounts easily taken off, for removal/attachment when USB charging.  Plus it is held in place, tightly, in a great position, perfect for lighting the streets and allows excellent view for oneself and the traffic coming, to see your bicycle.


 The X-Lock is mounted directly into bolts on the stem that hold the handlebars, and has an upper and lower mount, that allows for two devices to be attached.


 The Lezyne Super GPS is still held by my original Forward Bar Mount, but it can be mounted to the Direct X-Lock, replacing the Go Pro, with a different adapter, all included in the X-Lock Box. The various combination capability of computer, lights, or Go Pro makes it a very convenient and useful device.


The Lezyne Direct X-Lock Mount is priced at 4800yen+TAX. The Lezyne Forward Bar Mount is priced at 2000yen+ TAX.  The Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL is priced at 7400yen+ TAX. The Lezyne Super GPS is priced at 16,800yen+ TAX. Any, or all, would make a great Christmas gift. Once again, so not to be mistaken, we do not carry the Go Pro. Hurry, you only have a couple of shopping days left till Christmas!!