Chigasaki Style: Happy New Year!
by: Naoki Sakai

Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope 2019 is a great year, with bicycling on your agenda!  Having said that, my blog write up has nothing to do with bicycles.  Lately, I’ve begun to fly drones and take some video, which coincides with my previous career in photography, and the admiration for visual images.   I flew my drone out to Eboshi, the rock that represents the beautiful Chigasaki coastline as a landmark, created, I assume, from volcanic formation, long ago.  From the coastline, this rock formation is famous, and can be seen easily, from a distance. It’s about a 1.5 KM distance to the rock. I decided to fly the drone out there and take a look!

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.26.22 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.19.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.20.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.10.55 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.14.23 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.15.49 PM


Well, it sort of reminded me of the tip of the Matterhorn. As a rookie flyer, I am just trying to get used to flying, and taking videos. This old dog is trying to learn new tricks!  It is a new world for me, and I find it fascinating to fly and eventually take videos of bicycling and other activities, in my quest to do some creative stuff.  It’s similar to bicycling in that it lets you be a part of nature, while doing an activity you are involved directly with. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.36.23 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.43.53 PM

I took videos, and took some stills from the video.  I got home, and with Pooh, my wonderful companion, had a nice New Year’s Eve dinner! She got some leftover steak! and I made a sea urchin(uni) cream pasta!  Happy New Year!!! Y’s Road Chigasaki opens on the 3rd at 11:00 a.m., with some nice deals on Felt bicycles and Shimano components.  Hurry! First come, first served!!