Chigasaki Style: Wai Wai Sale!!!!
by: 坂井尚輝

It’s a beautiful ‘Coming of Age’ day…the traditional holiday signifying adulthood…age 20 in Japan.  Young women in their kimonos celebrating is always a nice sight, and reminder for us aging types of Neil Young’s ‘Sugar Mountain’, a song about leaving teen years for the future.  Here at Chigasaki, the Shonan Beach is wonderful as we have our annual Wai Wai Sale, now until January 27th.  


A number of items are marked off from 30-60% off usual prices.  There is a listing of bicycles from all Y’s Roads in Japan, that one can see what bicycles are available at what price, which can be delivered to Chigasaki, on request if a bicycle you see suits your desire. There are some great prices for road and triathlon bicycles!  It’s a huge list, as one can see below.


So if you have the time, please come into Y’s Road Chigasaki, see a great, beautiful, stupendous, heartwarming, incredible sunset, while you’re here!! Or just a walk on the beach, enjoying the shonan coast, it’s a nice way to spend the day, and check out our bicycles, too!! Just make sure to avoid the tombi’s…they’re out to get your food!