Chigasaki Style: De Rosa Festival!
by: Naoki Sakai

Here at Y’s Road Chigasaki, we’re celebrating February with a De Rosa festival!  On Saturday-Monday, February 9th thru the 11th, De Rosa, the famous Italian bicycle maker from Milan,  will have SK and Idol bicycles to demo, for your pleasure.  All you need is to bring a photo ID to ride the beauty and functionality of the De Rosa bicycle


We have many Idol and SK frames, in stock, at our store,  to choose from, and also have a special matt black/pink Idol assembled by our staff’s Joji Koyano, a very special bicycle with Shimano 105 parts and various plus components to make it a special bicycle.  It’s a size 52. 


So please come check our De Rosa festival, and take in the demo ride!