Chigasaki Style**Triathlon Entry Please!
by: Naoki Sakai

For those who have wanted to go for a Triathlon, but believed it was just too expensive and difficult to get all the necessary equipment together, Y’s Road Chigasaki has a 4 piece starter kit at a discounted price!

It includes a Cannondale Optimo Sora bicycle, a Profile Design T-5 DH bar, a Cannondale Intake MIPS helmet and Y’s Road original wet suit, all priced at 150000yen including TAX…down from 189680 yen including TAX.

The Cannondale Optimo is a lightweight aluminum bicycle with carbon forks, and Shimano Sora parts.  It is an affordable, yet excellent bicycle to start road and triathlon bicycling.  The Optimo Sora comes in 2019’s slick designed white, yellow and black with black trim looks.  Excellent!!

Please come to Y’s Road Chigasaki on the fantastic Shonan Coast at Southern Beach for all your triathlon and bicycling needs! Bicycling enthusiasts from Tokyo, Yokohama, and all the way from Shizuoka often stop by as they enjoy riding the coast of Kanagawa.  It’s a great ride and we’re at a convenient location for fix-its, or to browse and take a quick break from riding!