Chigasaki Style**Bright Blue skies and Hayama.
by: Naoki Sakai

From Y’s Road Chigasaki, it’s about a 25 km ride to Hayama, I took the DeRosa out for an afternoon spin.  A nice coastal route on highway 134 past Enoshima, The Shichirigahama Coast, Kamakura, The Zushi Kaigan coast and to Hayama Marina leading to Morito Beach, and it’s spiritual ocean island shrine.  



Hayama Morita Beach

The scenery is outstanding, with a refreshing ocean breeze to cool off the heat.  Roads are tight, with the white line embarking exactly where you want to ride…too far left and the gravely side is rough with highway drains that can puncture tires…too far right, and…y’know…cars and trucks and things. 



ZushiHayama Morita Shrine

The slight inherent danger is exciting and what keeps one concentrating on riding swiftly with safety.  Remember the helmet, for certain and be comfortable as possible, to enjoy yourself and understand how to have fun and get home safely. 

Hayama Morita Shrine

HayamaHighway 134 and a Big Red Truck!

 You’ll be rewarded with views one simply cannot get by train or car, the exhilaration of speed, wind and nature, plus a whole lot of exercise!!

Tunnel leading to Kamakura from Zushi

Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki, check out the coastline by bicycle or simply walk the famous Southern Road in Chigasaki, about 1.5 km from the station to Southern Beach, and see our full line of road bicycles and accessories!!

High above Zushi looking toward Enoshima

Me and my Kabuto Vitt and Kabuto Blue shield