CHIGASAKI STYLE**Frame Set special!!
by: Naoki Sakai

Y’s Road has frame sets, folks!!  From now until Sunday, 8/25, we’re having frame price reductions up to a 50% Max.  That’s quite a savings!! 🙂 Every bicycle rider would love to put together their dream bicycle, choosing parts, accessories and components for a custom assembled machine.  




We have many frames from DeRosa, to LaPierre, to Felt, to Kuota, to Cervelo to Pinarello!!  Frames are discounted up to 50% off and components from Shimano will be discounted 10%, if bought for assembly with frame at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!  If you’ve wanted to assemble your own original, but found it too costly, it’s a great time to find what prices you can find, here at Y’s Road Chigasaki.


Generally, prices for assembly parts/components vary greatly in choice. If one were to go with the less expensive, but very functional Shimano 105 set up with wheels, the price would be frame price + ~140000 yen +TAX.  With a frame that costs 200000yen + TAX would cost ~340000yen +TAX, assembled.  The range in price would increase with higher quality wheels with a 105 drive train to costing ~360000+TAX for, ie, Easton EC90 Aero 55 TL wheels to a cost of, with the example of a 200000 yen +TAX frame would be ~560000 +TAX. 


If one were to go with Ultegra components the lesser expense wheel example would run ~270000 yen +TAX totalling with a 200000 yen frame of ~470000 yen +TAX, assembled, while going with elite Easton wheels would up the total to ~490000 yen +TAX + 200000 yen for a total  ~690000 yen + TAX.  Of course, this is just a rough estimate, and if one were to come into Y’s Road Chigasaki, it would be our pleasure to sit and talk about whatever combination of component, wheels, etc. to fit your desires.



Pinarello Giro D’Italia Pink Dogma F10 is regular priced, but in stock.

Come on down to Southern Beach and enjoy the ocean with us!!  There are a huge number of frames to choose from at various prices, too good to print, here! You are welcome to come in and see the great prices, for yourself!!  We have a full stock of bicycles and frames to see, along with a full line of accessories for all your road bicycling needs.