by: Naoki Sakai

2020 Cannondale’s entry into the elite road market is highlighted by its new frame look for both the SuperSix Evo and the CAAD 13.  The upgrade is in its aero design, thinner tubes, and overall sleeker look with lightness by way of less volume carbon and aluminum on the frames, while not losing performance control, rigidity and overall strength. It is a wonder of research and technological advancement on the part of Cannondale.  



The handling and the ride of the SuperSix Evo 2020 has the same elite characteristics from the previous Evo version(s), but it now has technology gained from the System Six aerodynamic frame, where lower drag delivers discernible benefits of more speed, and the frame geometry leads to more comfort and better control. It is all about the priority of efficiency, as drag reduction and lightness are emphasized positively to give an awesome ride.  




The CAAD 13 is being called the king of aluminum bicycles.  It is as high a value bicycle as is on the market.  Lightweight aluminum that challenges carbon bicycles in stiffness, handling and speed, as well as weight, it is the ultimate aluminum cost effective bicycle that has the highest recommendation from Y’s Road.  It shares geometry with the SuperSix Evo, and also is streamlined in 2020, with a more aerodynamic ride.  The speed, versatility, lightness and handling vs Cost makes this bicycle the greatest value for 2020!! 🙂





Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and check out the new 2020 Cannondale SuperSix Evo and CAAD 13.  The SuperSix Evo 105 is priced at 220000 yen+TAX.  The CAAD 13 105 is priced at 180000 yen+TAX! And the CAAD 13 105 disc brake version is priced at 210000 yen +TAX.   The upgrades are phenomenal!!! 🙂