CHIGASAKI STYLE**Those precious grams!!
by: Naoki Sakai

If anyone’s followed my blogging, it’s known that I fly drones, and I’ve shot some interesting video/photos around the area of Chigasaki and the Shonan Coast.  One of the photos of the Chigasaki landmark, Eboshi rock, has been blown up to about 6 ft. square, and placed behind a weighing device, near the entrance of Y’s Road Chigasaki to weigh your bicycle.  Anytime.  Even if you don’t come into the store, you can weigh your bicycle, which is informative, but more so, it’s fun!! 🙂



I’ve got my Giant TCR advanced pro on the scale, and it comes in at 7.75 KG.  Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach and weigh your roadie, and compare with your friends!  Only at Y’s Road Chigasaki!!  Be happy!!  While here, you might as well come in, and check out our store.  :-J  We look forward to seeing you in paradise of Chigasaki!! 🙂