CHIGASAKI STYLE**Kabuto Aero-V1 + ARS-3 Clear Photo chromatic shield!!
by: Naoki Sakai

At Y’s Road Chigasaki we have gotten a shipment of Kabuto Aero-V1 helmets. They are the latest in the line of the popular Aero-1 helmet, released two years ago.





Last April, the Kabuto Aero-V1 was introduced as a helmet specifically designed for aero/triathlon type cycling. It is the next generation helmet following the hugely popular Aero-1 helmets with visor.  The Aero-1 priced at 21000 yen +TAX comes with a shield visor, while the Aero-V1 came in at 18000 yen +TAX, w/o a visor, but capable to fit the Kabuto ARS-3 visor. The ARS-3 are a thinner, lighter, higher lens quality than the packaged visor of the Aero-1, with a cost of 7000-10000 yen +TAX, depending on the many varietal colors and grades. 






We received a full stock of Kabuto Aero-V1 helmets in all colors.  These Aero-V1’s come with a photo chromatic clear lens, the ARS-3 usually priced at 10000 yen +TAX.  The Aero-V1 w/o visor is priced at 18000yen, but in this special package of Aero-V1 + ARS-3 photochromatic lens is priced at 24000 yen +TAX.  The photo chromatic lens is a clear lens indoors, but turns to dark shade for eye protection in the sunlight.  It’s quite remarkable, and is of the highest quality.  The visor is magnetized to fit on these helmets firmly, in usage, or can be put on the helmet upside down, held tightly by its magnets, when not in use. 




Come to Y’s Road Chigasaki and check out the Kabuto Aero-V1 + ARS-3 photo chromatic lens.  We look forward to seeing you!!