CHIGASAKI STYLE**2019 was a very fine year!!
by: Naoki Sakai

To those who read my english blogging for Y’s Road Chigasaki, I thank you.  It’s been an eventful year for me, as I learned how to fly my drones, take videos, rode my bicycles around the Shonan area, hung around with my companion pup, Pooh, and watched my kids grow up.  I also went to California and visited Marin County and San Francisco along with going to my friend’s house in Palm Springs.  For two older guys, we really did party out quite a bit. 











Chigasaki was voted one of the best small towns in the world by the Independent, coming in no. 4. That’s pretty amazing to me in that I didn’t know anyone outside of Japan actually knew of Chigasaki.  As a recent newcomer to the area, I was surprised at the quiet serenity, it’s lasting seaside beauty, and fun seeking people who inhabit this wonderful town.










As I head into 2020, I wish the best of the New Year for everyone.  I hope you come visit me at Y’s Road Chigasaki at Southern Beach. We’re a bit of a ways from Chigasaki station, but there is a bus that comes out here to Southern Beach, where beach side cafes and nice walks along the beach make for a good day.  Every day I get to breathe the freshness of the breeze off the ocean, makes it a great day to be live life to the max!!  Have a fun 2020!! 😀