CHIGASAKI STYLE**SUPACAZ Ti Fly titanium bottle cage IN COLOR
by: Naoki Sakai

I love the SUPACAZ Ti Fly titanium bottle cage, as I got a non colored, metallic one for my DeRosa.  In addition to the metallic look is a model called the Oil slick, to go along with their bar tape Oil Slick look.  The SUPACAZ titanium cages are minimalist wire type.  Simply beautiful!! 






The SUPACAZ titanium bottle cage ‘oil slick’ is priced at 5500 +TAX each.  We currently have a pair in stock, as well as a pair of the metallic cage, priced at 4800 yen +TAX each.




Come check out the SUPACAZ products at Y’s Road Chigasaki, here at Southern Beach and enjoy your day!! 🙂