Chigasaki Style: Mavic Wheel Demo!
by: 坂井尚輝

Merry Christmas!


This weekend at Y’s Road Chigasaki, December 8th and 9th, for our Christmas Fair, we are having Mavic Wheels as demos for trial.  Customers can bring their bicycles to the shop and try Mavic Wheels.  The models are UST tubeless Kysrium Pro, Kysrium Elite UST Red, Comette Pro Carbon SL UST, and Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Wheels and tires. 


Mavic Wheels come with tires attached, and Mavic designs its tubeless system in tandem with wheel technology to make a perfect fit, one that is made under tight controls over production variances to make consistent and great wheels with their UST tubeless tires. 


The Kysrium series available to ride are the all around aluminum wheels.


The Kysrium series available to ride are the all around aluminum wheels. The Elite sells for 85500yen+TAX, while the Pro sells for 126,600 yen+TAX. The carbon series to demo is led by the Comete Pro Carbon SL and Cosmic Pro Carbon SL. Each sell for 288,000yen+TAX. Both are aerodynamically engineered, carbon wheels.  If you’re looking for extra speed on a modern endurance bike, then the Comete Pro Carbon SL is a wheel to try out.  Cosmic is the name that Mavic gave to its mid depth wheels that are designed with aerodynamics in mind. Both are beautiful wheels, made for fast riding!  The quoted prices are Y’s Road 10% discounted prices from MSRP, and an added bonus is 10% Y’s Road points for each Mavic set.2FFA490D-0180-450C-B624-8D5E6CE004F9

All the Mavic demos are caliper models, so if you happen to ride with disc brakes, sorry to say, those models will not be available, but if you’re on caliper brakes, ride your road bicycle into the beautiful southern beach area on the shonan coast, and stop by Y’s Road Chigasaki for a try of Mavic wheels, and consider bicycle goods for yourself or others for Christmas! We are open on weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.